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What To Do When Your Pet Is Missing!!!!

Losing your pet can be a scary experience.  I know first hand, that after I was done looking in absurd places around my house, places my pet couldn’t possibly get to or even fit into  I had to think about what to do next.  The first thing is hopefully your pet is wearing a collar with your name and phone number or address on it.  This way if someone around the neighborhood has found them they can call you.  Also hopefully your pet is microchipped, at MVH we offer Homeagain chips because if your pet is lost they will send an alert and picture to every veterinarian, animal shelter, rescue, and animal agency in the area.  The next thing to do is to contact your local police station, animal control and shelters to see if your pet has been found.  It is best to include a picture as sometimes they are very scared and wont respond to their name or could be confused with another dog of the same breed.  If you’re a cat owner you can imagine its hard to verbally describe the exact markings.  Lastly I would put pictures/posters up around the neighborhood so if someone has found her/him they will be able to contact you.  It also lets them know that this pet is not a stray or abandoned and that they have a family anxiously waiting for there return.  I hope you never have to experience a missing pet but its good to be prepared.  So make sure your collar is on and updated if you have moved or changed phone numbers.  Give us a call if you would like to discuss microchipping at 201-646-2008


Dr. Jessica Silver


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