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What Diseases Are Spread By Ticks

 1. Lyme Disease

Transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick.   Symptoms range from joint pain, lethargy, and lameness to decreased appetite and fever. Signs of infection can take months to appear.  It can be very difficult to treat and even more difficult to fully cure.  Dogs do not get the tell-tale bullseye rash common in humans.  Very strong presence in NJ.

Lyme Disease in dogs

 2. Anaplasmosis

Nicknamed “dog fever,” symptoms of this infection are similar to Lyme disease with additional concerns for vomiting and diarrhea. Seizures can also occur in severe situations. Like Lyme, biting by infected deer ticks spreads this disease.  Very present in NJ!

Small Dog Place

 3. Ehrlichiosis

One of the most common tick-borne diseases.  It is caused by the bite of an infected brown dog tick. Signs of the illness are fever, decreased appetite and weight loss, depression, runny nose or watery eyes, respiratory distress, frequent bloody noses, and enlarged lymph nodes or limbs. Symptoms can also be delayed from infection.  Present in NJ!

 4. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

The onset of symptoms is much more rapid, usually appearing within a few days of the bite. Symptoms include fever, joint or muscle pain, anorexia, anemia, depression, neurological abnormalities, skin lesions, and/or vomiting

Four ticks are known to spread this disease with their bite: the American dog tick, the wood tick, the brown tick, and the Lone Star tick.  Found in NJ!

Map Canine with Circles

Images of ticks

 5. Hepatazoonosis

This disease is more oddly transmitted by a dog ingesting an infected brown dog tick or Gulf Coast tick. If your dog shows signs of fever, runny nose and watery eyes, bloody diarrhea, or muscle pain.  Not found commonly in NJ!

 6. Babesiosis

The American dog tick and brown tick spread this disease. Anemia is the most common sign of infection but also dark urine, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and weakness.  Strong presence in NJ.

7. Bartonellosis

Infected brown ticks and other biting insect parasites like lice and fleas can spread this infection. Lameness, fever, painful lymph nodes, nausea, shivering, and restlessness are some possible symptoms. Untreated Bartonellosis can cause extreme complications including heart and liver disease.  Commonly found in NJ!



If you have found a tick on your pet or think they may have contracted a tick-borne illness call Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital at 201-646-2008 or visit us at http://www.meadowlandsvethospital.com.



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