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In addition to our standard services, we also offer:

Our highly trained orthopedic specialist Dr. Chad Andrews visits MVH to take care of all our orthopedic needs from ACL or cruciate repair using Tibia Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), or lateral Suture depending on the patient.  He also specializes in Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO), fractures on any bone of the body like elbows, thighs, shoulders, and jaws.  So, whether your dog or cat has torn their meniscus, injured their knee, or broke their pelvis, MVH has everything for all your pet’s orthopedic needs.

In today’s age, digital is just better than film.  This allows better, faster images with less stress to your pet.  These images can even be sent via email as part of your pet’s comprehensive medical history.  So, if your pet is coughing or has a heart condition, they will get the best images available.

Advanced imaging allows our veterinarians to find lesions below the gum line that otherwise would have gone untreated.

Ultrasound can be used to create images of soft tissue structures such as the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, and other organs and parts of the body.  This can be done by our general practioners or for those more difficult cases by a board certified ultrasonographer.  It is helpful in such cases as hit by cars, infections, cancers, fluid around the chest, tendon and ligament damage, inflammatory bowel disease, pregnancy checking and fetal monitoring.  Ultrasound allows the veterinarians at MVH distinguish between possible causing of illness and their actual root causes.

An echocardiogram is performed by a board certified ultrasonographer and is used to diagnose and monitor several different heart conditions ranging from mitral/pulmonic/aortic valve disease, dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, pericardial effusion, heart base tumors, and congenital abnormalities (Persistent right aortic arch, patent ductus arteriosus, septal wall defects) to name a few.

Sometimes you cannot wait a day or longer to get your pet’s bloodwork results, maybe your schedule is hectic, and you don’t want to come back to pick up medicines.  Here at MVH we have complete blood counts in house, full chemistries, electrolytes, thyroid, phenobarbital testing, c-reactive protein, bile acids, cortisol testing (Cushing’s, Addison’s, and acth stims), pro-bnp, lactate, heart worm testing, parvo testing, felv/fiv testing, and tick screening.  We also have comprehensive cytology, coagulation panel for rat poison ingestion and hemophilia, and in-house urine and tissue cultures.

At MVH we have a full stock comprehensive pharmacy for all your pet’s medications.  Does your pet not like to take pills, just let us know and we can flavor compound it for easy administration.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable.  We also carry all the latest Flea/tick and heartworm medications such as Bravecto, Nexgard, Parastar, Revolution, Proheart, Triheart, Interceptor, and Simparica.  We price match for all our products.

MVH is proud to offer the highest level of surgery available outside the big specialty centers.  From spays and neuters to bladder stone removal, foreign body removal, mass/tumor removal, splenectomies, amputations, and pyometras.  For soft palate surgery, gallbladder surgery, liver lobe removal, lung lobe removal, our board-certified surgeons are available.

The use of heat for cauterizations and clean cutting has been around for many years.  At MVH we offer electrosurgery to reduce anesthesia time and post-operative pain and discomfort.  It also reduces the amount of blood loss during surgery.

Tonometry is used to measure intraocular eye pressure and is helpful in a variety of conditions such as uveitis and glaucoma.   It is a part of a comprehensive eye exam that we recommend for all our brachycephalic breeds, congenital eye abnormalities, and all at risk patients.

Anesthesia is not defined by simply not dying, its defined by suffering no harm.  Pulse oximetry measures blood oxygen levels and capnography measures blood carbon dioxide, we do both at MVH.  We also measure blood pressure, heart rhythm, heart conductance, body temperature, and others to ensure your pet is safe and not in pain during the procedure.

If your dog or cat has bad breath, has teeth falling out, not eating as well as they should, or maybe losing weight, these may be signs of dental disease.  Dental disease is progressive and degenerative if left untreated.  Even if the teeth look white they can still have issues with gingivitis as most of dental disease starts above the gum line.  We also have a full dental suite for professional tooth extraction, bone grafts, and gingival flaps.  Your pet will be treated as if they are in the same dental suite as we go to.

High concentrations of oxygen can treat and cure several conditions such as tracheal collapse, head trauma, pneumonia, pleural effusion and other conditions where it is hard to breath at room oxygen.  It can also prevent further brain trauma in several conditions that can decrease blood flow to the brain such as toxicities, trauma, liver failure, renal failure, and heart conditions.

ECG is used to measure the conductance of the heart muscle tissue to see any arrythmias, myocardial disease, and structural changes to the heart.  Depending on your dog breed such as boxers we offer yearly screening to test for boxer cardiomyopathy or arrthymogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.  We also recommend a pre-operative cardio screen for any high-risk breed prior to any surgery.

Accurate and reliable blood pressure monitoring is essential in the treatment of hypertension which can be caused by several conditions such as kidney failure, heart failure, hyperthyroidism and toxin ingestion.  Hypotension is critical to monitor is causes of low blood sugar, shock, hit by car, head injuries, toxins and heart conditions.

Traveling with your pet outside the country can be frustrating and confusing.  At MVH we will be sure to search whatever country of destinations’ requirements and provide all testing, vaccines, deworming, and paper work you may require.

Ever think of going to a raw diet for your pet?  Is your dog overweight?  Have bad bowels or kidney disease and won’t eat commercial food?  At MVH we can set a special appointment and devise a specific nutritional plan for whatever their life needs may be.

Immunotherapy is the prevention or treatment of disease with substances that stimulate the immune response.  From allergies to arthritis, to feline aids and leukemia, to cancer there are a wide range of conditions that can be greatly improved or prevented.  MVH is always on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. We are also proud to carry T-cyte.

Allergies can be very traumatic for both you and your pet.  Here at MVH we believe in not only treating but preventing allergies holistically and naturally when we can.  We will tailor an individual plan for your pet based on the type and severity of allergies they may have.  We offer Allergenic testing with the newest medical technologist to not only find out what your pet is allergic to but how severe.  We also offer hypoallergenic food trials, full dermatological work ups including skin scrapes, skin cytology, cultures, and skin biopsies, and specific allergy treatments for those hard to resolve cases.  We have a wide array of medicines from baths and creams/lotions and pharmaceutical ranging from apoquel and cytopoint to atopica.  Your pet will not be itching forever.

Cryotherapy freezes the water in tissue to kill targeted cells such as papilloma’s (warts), sebaceous cysts, skin tags, anal fistulas, eye lid tumors, oral tumors and several others.  This quick, easy, painless, and affordable treatment options allow you to give your pet the best care without heavy sedatives or general anesthesia.  This is also great for all those older patients who are a high anesthetic risk.

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