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Shelter Life: Bergen County Animal Hospital—Meet Gunner!

dog available for adoption

Take a look at this gorgeous fella! Clever and full of life, Gunner is looking for an experienced handler who can provide him with a stable and balanced lifestyle. Because Gunner isn’t a fan of other pets, especially other dogs, he should be the only pet in the household. Strong willed and persistent, Gunner does need more training and practice learning how to share. The more positive and safe trade outs he experiences, the more willing he’ll be offering you his things. Energetic and smart as a whip, this 6 year old Rottie will do well in a home that will continue his training and provide him plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Because Gunner is quite intelligent and enjoys human company, he will do well as your student, and it will be that much more rewarding for you as he becomes the master pupil.

MVH wanted to highlight some of the unsung heroes who work at local shelters and rescues.  Bergen County Animal Shelter deserves so much credit for all there tireless work.   Gunner’s story just reminds us that there are so many dogs and cats waiting for there forever homes.  In fact right now there are 299 total cats in building, 101 kittens in foster, 51 dogs, and 18 exotics for a total 368.  Just like Gunner, these guys and girls are just waiting to find that special someone to share there lives with.   With a kind and caring staff that pays so much attention to both there physical and mental needs, Gunner was lucky BCAS was there take him in, in his hour of need.   Last year BCAS helped over 3800 animals a truly impressive feat.   Gunner is such a lucky boy to have them staying by his side, working with him day after day to ensure that not only is he, and many others like him are there animals healthy, happy but that they find the perfect homes and families.

By |July 7th, 2017|
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