Pet Safety around Children

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If you find that strangers—especially kids—approach your pet because he or she is so cute or unusual, be sure you have pet safety in mind.  It is important for both pets and people alike.  If the children don’t have pets at home, or if they have different animals than you have, they probably don’t know much about how the animal can act. In the case of some reptiles, the kids most likely won’t know anything about germs your pet might carry.

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Teach children (and less experienced adults):

– Not to approach a pet that is sleeping, eating or caring for their babies and leave dog toys alone.
– To always ask an adult before petting any animal.
– To wash hands with soap and warm water after petting animals like snakes and turtles, if they touch kitty litter or get a cat scratch or bite.
– Not to run or make quick movements around dogs they don’t know. If a loose dog comes toward you, show how to stand until the dog leaves.
– To watch wild animals from a safe distance.

If you have questions regarding pet safety especially around children contact Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital at 201-646-2008 or visit us at  Check out our blogs for other interesting pet health information.

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