Oh No! Could it be Fleas?

Almost every pet owner has dealt with fleas at least once in their lives. Its why you apply that topical to their shoulders or eat a chew once a month. An adult female can lay 5000 or more eggs in a life time and those eggs can survive in your house or on your pet for up to 8 months. You may have spotted fleas jumping, seen flea dirt, or more likely observed your pet’s restless scratching, chewing or licking of certain body parts. Now luckily dog fleas are dog fleas and cat fleas are cat fleas and wont live on you but they can bite you, causing severe allergic reactions to both you and your pets.

Symptoms include:

  • Head shaking, scratching at the ears
  • Redness, blood in your pet’s ears or coat
  • Black specks in your pet’s coat “Flea dirt”
  • Scabbing and hair loss
  • Tapeworms

Fleas have a 4-stage life cycle. MVH will help you understand and treat your pet and your home to ensure complete treatment of fleas in all stages of this life cycle are reached. Treatment includes your home, car, and even the yard.

The products we carry for flea (and tick) control are those we most highly recommend to our clients. We offer both oral and topical treatments. Placing your pets on a prevention plan now helps you avoid the hassles of a flea infestation in the future.

If you are facing a flea infestation, please contact Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital at 201646-2008 to help you develop a plan to most effectively get rid of your flea problem. Mention this blog to receive 10% off all flea/tick products!

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