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Important Phone Numbers

24/7 ASPCA Animal Poison Control (888) 426-4435


Cat Nail Trimming

How to Take a Cat’s Rectal Temperature

How to Cut Dark Nails

Applying Eye Drops

Checking Gums

Cleaning Teeth

Check Your Dog’s Heartrate

Picking up Your Pet After Surgery

Applying your Cat’s Ear Drops

Subcutaneous Injections

How to Apply Flea Product

Checking & Expressing Anal Glands

How to Give your Dog a Pill

How to Clean a Cat’s Ears

How to Properly Clean a Surgical Incision

How to Take a Rectal Temperature on Your Dog

How to Apply Eye Medicine in a Cat

Bulldog Fun

Treating Canine Dry Nose

Applying Dog Medicine for Dry Nose

Breed of the Month, Bulldog! Meet Andre

Bulldog Eating Mashed Potatoes

How to Bottle Feed a Puppy

How to Wipe Dog Feet With Allergies

How to Wipe Skin Folds on a Dog

What is a Brachycephalic Dog

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