Breed of the Month

Each winner will receive a gift basket and a feature in our calendar which we will sell to raise money for our charity the silverlining foundation. To participate find us on Facebook.

Previous Winners

August breed of the month - swimmers image
Dog floating in a pool
Bread of the month - pitbulls
Photo of Sheena, May Winner
March bread of the month image
Baby Bear photo
February breed of the month, Ferrets image
Feburary breed of the momth winners photo
January Breed of the month image
January winner, Husky photo
December Breed of the month, Holiday Spirit
December Breed of the month winner, Daisy
November Breed of the Month, Rescue Pets
November Breed of the Month Winner, Sully photo
September breed of the month Duchshund
Winner September 2018 breed of the month
August Breed Challenge
August Dutchess Marco photo
July breed of the month image
Daisy, Winner July Breed of the month
Simba and Nala July's Winner photo
Breed of the month, poodles
Fiona breed of the month winner photo
breed of the month - pug
breed of the month winner - poodle
breed of the month winner - Shitzu
breed of the month winner - boxer
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