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7 Gift Ideas For Your Pet This Christmas

Christmas gifts

It is the holiday season, which means it is the season of giving! Our pets are our world, they may be content with our love but how great would it be if they felt a little more special this holiday season. Here is a list of some vet-approved stocking stuffers and gifts your pets might enjoy and appreciate:

  1. Chewable gifts – It is no surprise, dogs love something delicious to chew on. Veggie dents/chews, rawhides, greenies, bully-sticks, no-hide chews are some great examples of good chews for your pet and can make great stocking stuffers. These are not only great for their oral hygiene but will also keep your pet busy as you cater to the rest of your party guests. It’s a win-win for everyone!

You still want to be mindful of a few things:

  1. Make sure you choose the right size ‘chew’ for the size of your dog. The entire chew should not fit inside the dog’s mouth. These may pose a choking hazard or act as a foreign body.
  2. Monitor your dog’s chew time – Take away any pieces that may become too small.
  3. Most pets do well with raw hides and dental chews, in the case that your dog has a sensitivity you can substitute the hides with something that adapts well to your pets’ gastrointestinal (GI) sensitivities.
  4. Particularly stay away from chews like antlers, cow hooves, plastic Nylabones, real bones, marrow bones, tennis balls, rocks, and ice cubes. These are a few examples of products and treats that could break or wear down your pets’ teeth. Anything that is not pliable at all or is painful it hits your knee could have the potential to break a tooth. If you are concerned that your pet might have a fractured tooth or shows signs of discomfort while chewing, contact your veterinarian and book an oral health assessment exam.


  1. Special Diet Treats – Sometimes it can be difficult finding good treats for your pet who has skin sensitivities, a sensitive GI or has other medical concerns. Many pet food companies like Purina, Hills and Royal Canin offer some great alternatives for your pet who can’t have regular treats. Call your veterinarian to discuss what treats or prescription treats might be compatible with your pets’ diet.

cat in a cozy place

  1. A cozy place – Pets also have stressful days where they just want to roll up in a ball and hide away where no one can see them. Get your pets comfortable and cozy beds where they can feel safe, warm and cozy so they can unwind when they need to.


  1. Pet Cam and treat dispenser – There are a lot of different brands and types of portable pet cameras in the market that allows you to interact with your pet and dispense treats while you are not at home. Most pets love this!


  1. Senior pet gifts – Gift your senior pet a care package filled with Fish oil and omega supplements, joint supplements, easy chews for their teeth, traction mat and/or an orthopedic bed. Call us and we can help build your senior pet a holiday care package.


  1. Paw Balm – Winter is here! Gift your pets a paw balm/moisturizer, this will keep their furry little paws protected against irritants and salt.


7.  Homemade Christmas Cookies – Check out our Blog: Homemade Holiday Cookie Recipes For Your Pets for some really good cookie recipes that you can bake for your pets to make them feel a little extra loved this holiday season.


If you have any questions or need more ideas on what you can get your pets this Christmas, speak to one of our Client Care Representatives at (201) 646-2008.

By |December 2nd, 2019|
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